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PhD, March 2017; Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Craig Carlson
Thesis: Bottom-up drivers of bacterial community composition and metabolism of dissolved
organic carbon in the Santa Barbara Channel, CA

MS, 2009; Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies
Coastal Carolina University
Advisor: Eric Koepfler
Thesis: Effects of inter-tributary dissolved organic carbon variability on heterotrophic
microbial communities in upper Winyah Bay, SC

BS, 2007; Biology
Illinois Wesleyan University


Research positions

Postdoctoral scholar, November 2017 - present
Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana
Advisor: Matt Church

Postdoctoral scholar, April - October 2017
University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Craig Carlson


Funding obtained

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship; 2012-2015, encompassing two renewals

National Estuarine Research Reserve System Graduate Research Fellowship; 2008


Publications (directs to Publications page)


Select conference presentations

E Wear, C Carlson, D Siegel, N Guillocheau, and C Nelson. 2016. Poster: Spatial and temporal
patterns in bacterioplankton community composition vary in their relationship with bottom-up
factors in a heterogeneous coastal system. ISME 16, Montreal, Can.

E Wear, C Carlson, D Siegel, N Guillocheau, and C Nelson. 2015. Talk: Bottom-up controls
on a coastal bacterioplankton time-series: relative utility of in situ versus remotely-sensed
measurements. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Conference, Portland, Oregon.

E Wear, C Carlson, N Nelson, N Guillocheau, and D Siegel. 2014. Poster: Effects of
photobleaching on dissolved organic matter bioavailability to bacterioplankton in an
upwelling-driven coastal system. Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Portland, Oregon.

E Wear, C Carlson, L Windecker, M Brzezinski, and C Nelson. 2014. Talk: Bioavailability
of diatom exudate induced by nutrient limitation influenced by both phytoplankton species
and limiting nutrient identity (nitrogen vs. silica). Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, Hawai'i.

E Wear, C Carlson, M Brzezinski, D Siegel, N Guillocheau, and L Windecker. 2013. Talk:
Patterns of bacterioplankton composition along biogeochemical and productivity gradients
in the Santa Barbara Channel, USA. Aquatic Sciences Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana.

E Wear, C Carlson, A James, L Windecker, and M Brzezinski. 2012. Poster: Bacterioplankton
community response to gradients in dissolved organic matter bioavailability in a coastal
upwelling system. Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.

E Wear, E Koepfler, and E Smith. 2009. Poster: Interaction of dissolved organic carbon and
heterotrophic microbial community structure and function in Winyah Bay, SC. Coastal and
Estuarine Research Federation Conference, Portland, Oregon.


Professional training

Cornell Satellite Remote Sensing Training Program; 2013
Cornell University

Summer Course on Microbial Oceanography; 2011
Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education, University of Hawai'i

Microbial Oceanography course; 2010
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences



Plumes and Blooms, R/V Shearwater; 2010 - 2015
35 day cruises in the Santa Barbara Channel

Course-associated cruise, R/V Kilo Moana; June 2011
10 days in the North Pacific Gyre

SBDOM10 and SBDOM11, R/V Point Sur; April 2010 and May 2011
1 week cruises in the Santa Barbara Channel

Course-associated cruise, R/V Atlantic Explorer; June 2010
2 days in the Sargasso Sea


Institutional and professional service

Faculty search committee student representative, UC Santa Barbara IGPMS; 2014-2015
Seminar organizer, UC Santa Barbara IGPMS; Winter 2012

Reviewer: Aquatic Microbial Ecology; Environmental Microbiology; Environmental Science
and Pollution Research; Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science

Member: American Society for Microbiology; Association for the Sciences of Limnology and
Oceanography; International Society for Microbial Ecology


Teaching experience

Teaching assistant, Introductory Biology Lab II, UCSB, 2015

Teaching assistant, Chemical and Physical Methods of Aquatic Environments (lab), UCSB, 2012

Teaching assistant, Processes in Oceans (discussion section), UCSB, 2010 and 2011

Teaching assistant, Plant Anatomy and Physiology Lab, IWU, 2007


Academic honors

Phi Beta Kappa

Illinois Wesleyan University Presidential Scholar

Beta Beta Beta, Biology Honor Society